About tATN

Welcome to The Adventure Touring Network. This site is about my journey to re-discover the majesty of God’s creation within the United States. The physical goal of my journey is to photograph the natural beauty we, as a people, have been blessed with throughout our states in the hope that I can capture some semblance of the beauty of His work and to share those photos with you so that you might be encouraged, even motivated, to go see them for yourselves. In other words, to get you off the couch and into the wilderness to actually visit the places the photos depict.

It seems we are being herded into cities where our connection to nature and nature’s Creator are being blotted out by skyscrapers, highways, and apartment complexes. We are losing touch with what really matters because we are so focused on personal and familial survival that we fail to take the time to reconnect with Him Who has imbued us with our very lives and the liberty we still have left to enjoy.

But, there is a spiritual goal, as well, in my journey. I want to grow my relationship with my Heavenly Father in a way that I believe is more fulfilling and more complete than that which I can achieve through an existence in society which feels stifling to me. And I invite you to come along on that journey.

Maybe you will see and recognize His hand in the pictures I take so that you will have that same desire to strengthen and deepen your relationship to Him; that you will recognize how truly blessed we are to live in such a diverse and beautiful place in the world. Maybe you will gain a new found faith in God. Maybe not. Maybe you’ll at least gain a simple appreciation for the beauty. Hopefully so.

Because of certain physical limitations, I can no longer do hikes although I truly wish that I could. I love deep wilderness camping. So, my journey begins with bicycle touring. It isn’t the only means with which to adventure tour, it’s just the easiest and least expensive for me right now and, so, it’s the first method. Others will follow such as boating, Rv’ing, and using a powered parachute – among others.

Here, at The Adventure Touring Network, you can learn along with me as I plan, equip, and then do various types of adventure touring. You’ll learn how easy it truly is. Make suggestions and give tips on how to do it better. Maybe even suggest places to go for some really good pictures. If you have experience in these methods, please, jump in and teach what you know. Or, just jump in and become a part of the community. Friends are always welcome, here.

Learn. Engage. Discover.

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