Welcome to the Adventure Touring Network.

Thank you for dropping by. Hopefully, you’re here because you’re interested in learning how to do some adventure touring of your own. Or, maybe, you’re here to simply meet others who share your interest in adventure. Or, maybe you’re here because you have something to teach others about how they can do their own tours. No matter why you’re here, thanks for joining us.

It is the goal of the Adventure Touring Network to help others learn how to plan, equip, and execute an adventure for themselves, with limited resources and experience (if any). So, if you’ve always thought about heading out to some place you’ve never been to before, whether it’s by hiking, biking, boat, or some other method, but you haven’t done so because you don’t know what it takes, then please join us as we go through our own adventures. Use our successes and avoid our failures as you enjoy what has been so graciously given to us and our children’s, children’s, children’s, children.

Learn. Engage. Discover.

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